2021 Wedding Restrictions: The Roadmap Explained   

Ha, Boris just said it, weddings are back on!

From 8th March, you can get married again.

The bad news is, that the number of guests will be restricted until at least the 21st June.


What does that mean for our wedding photography?

Considering ongoing restrictions, I will continue to offer my micro wedding package, which is ideal for the quick registry office wedding but without reception.

Assuming you are not completely friend-less, I guess you will have a party once it is allowed. So, for my couples who would like me to cover their ceremony on one day and the big reception with all their loved ones on another day, I will continue to offer a special rate for two-day weddings.

This offer applies to all weddings where I photograph your ceremony in 2021, and the reception takes place no later than 2022. If the situation drags on for longer, I will of course extend this flexible offer.


What are the 2021 wedding restrictions?

Now that you know, I will be with you all the way, here is the wedding timeline that Boris has just laid out:

8th March: wedding ceremonies can happen, but only with 6 guests. Ceremonies only!

15th April: weddings with up to 15 guests. And the hairdressers are set to open, too, so you might even want to have your photo taken again. 😀

17th May: weddings with up to 30 guests

21st June: full size weddings are a go!


Hurrah, we can get married in 2021!

Please remember, these dates are subject to review and the 2021 wedding restrictions could go on for longer than laid out in the above roadmap. Yep, get that cork back in the champagne bottle…for now.

If you would like to discuss your wedding plans or are worried the timeline might slip and want to discuss your options, please give me a shout!

Stay safe, stay healthy!


Above information is correct as per the Prime Minister’s announcement in Parliament on 22nd February 2021.


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