(Obviously, things are changing all the time, but below information is correct at time of posting: 26th March 2020.)

Oh boy! Not the March you had planned? Me neither!

Three weeks after showing first signs of illness, we are still fighting for my little dog’s life.* And outside our front door, the world is looking bleaker than I have ever known it.**

So, you want to get married this year, and now you wonder whether that is going to happen or not.

Here is some guidance on what you can do if you have booked your wedding this year.

If you haven’t already finished your wedding planning and booking, you also might find my blog over here helpful:


Scenario 1:
Thanks to corona, you have to postpone your wedding

Hopefully, you still want to get married, even if you don’t get to do it on your date! Speak to all your suppliers, the celebrant and venue as soon as you think you need to postpone your wedding. Find out whether they are happy to honour your booking but change the date, and what their availability is for your new wedding date.

It is likely that not all suppliers will be available on your date, so you might want to prioritise and then base the decision about your new wedding date on their availability.

I am happy to honour all bookings if you need to change your wedding date due to covid-19. Should I be unavailable on your new date, I will endeavour to find a colleague who I trust to photograph your wedding on my behalf. I will still be the person editing your photos, so your photos will be in the style you know me for. This way, you won’t have to spend any additional time finding a new photographer and still get the photos you were hoping for.
I will of course tell you, when you change the date, whether it will be me or a colleague shooting your day.
I will also honour the prices quoted for any 2020 weddings as long as the new date is no later than December 2021.


Scenario 2:
You want to get married asap, but can’t have a reception on the day

Before we were told to all stay home, many churches had already announced that they only would allow the key 5 people attend wedding ceremonies: that is the two of you, your witnesses and the vicar.
It is possible, that when the rules will be relaxed, it will be in stages. This could mean that wedding ceremonies will be allowed to go ahead with the above or similar restrictions, but you will not be allowed to have a wedding reception yet.

While not the wedding you had planned, this could give your wedding an unintended elopement vibe. Imagine one day telling your grandkids: “Sweetie, grandad and I eloped… to our village church.”

At any other time that would be really lame, but considering we are currently under house quarantine, it is at least as exciting as getting married on a mountain top would be in normal times.

So if you want to get married as soon as possible, but celebrate with everyone at a later date, I am happy to cover both parts of your wedding.

If I am not allowed into your ceremony, I can still take your photos coming out of it all beaming with happiness in these strange times. Maybe we are allowed, just the two of you and myself to go back in and take some photos inside the church or registry office.
Imagine how much these photos would cheer up your guests while they are waiting for the day you can all celebrate your wedding together.

If I am allowed to document your ceremony, even better! In either case, I will take every precaution to keep you, our loved ones and myself safe. I do understand that this is probably the most contagious virus I will ever encounter, and I will stick to the official government and NHS recommendations. Also, photographing in my documentary style makes it unnecessary for me to touch you, unlike during classic posing. So these restrictions will not change the style and feel of your photos. I will also adjust my gear and shooting style to catch the same beautiful and natural photos you have chosen me for, while keeping you safe.

If you are thinking of splitting your wedding into two parts, please get in touch with me. Same as in scenario 1, I will honour bookings and prices quoted for 2020 weddings until the end of 2021 should you need to postpone your wedding or part of it due to covid-19. Total number of hours coverage still applies and there might be an additional mileage charge.


Whichever way you decide to proceed with your wedding planning, stay healthy!
I look forward to seeing you (through my lens) when we have left the heydays of the corona virus behind us.



*If you want to know how his health is developing, I will post updates on facebook and Instagram stories.

**follow the news for this one, please not social media.


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Photography by Nadina Bee

Specialist Outdoor Wedding Photographer
from Guildford, covering Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Berkshire and the rest of the UK.

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