I know, no one wants to talk about money, but let’s be frank, we all have a budget.

There is only one way to manage your budget and make sure you have enough left for the last bits you want to book or buy, and that is a spreadsheet. Boring, I know, but it will spare you a lot of headaches.

You don’t need anything fancy, just 4 to 5 columns:

  • what
  • amount still to pay
  • amount paid
  • payment due date
  • budgeted cost (if you have allocated a budget to each item, which I recommend you do)

If you can, do it on the computer and Excel it will do the maths for you. But you can also do it on paper or on a big whiteboard.

Here is a screenshot of what my own spreadsheet looks like (not my actual content ?). Made in Excel:

Once you got a quote and book the supplier, you add the amount into the ‘to pay’ column, the payment due date into the ‘payment due’ column and supplier’s name and contact details into the relevant columns to the right.

Once you pay something, you move the amount from ‘to pay’ to ‘paid’. If there is a balance to pay, update the ‘payment due’ column with the new date, otherwise delete the old date.

This way you will see what you still need to pay and you won’t miss any payment dates. (We all love people who pay without needing a reminder.)

If you are a bit geeky or simply got the skills through work, go ahead, geek yourself out! I certainly have and I added a few extras:

  • Difference to Budget
  • Left to Pay
  • Total Actual
Difference to Budget column: on each item you can see if you have saved or spent more than your budget. And at the top, you can see what this currently adds up to. If you spent less than your budget, you will see a negative figure.

Left to Pay: This is the most important of the figures you need to know. This is the total of booked items that still need paying.

Total Actual: this is the total of items booked or paid for. Does it stack up against your budget?

And because I am really freakin’ love Excel, I have added conditional formatting to the date column. Yellow highlights for payments due today or in the next 7 days, and red for missed payment dates.

Are you wondering now how for heaven’s sake you would build an excel sheet like this? Well here is a treat for you: When you request your quote, just mention that you would like the Wedding Budget Spreadsheet and I will send it to you.

Have a lovely day and happy wedding planning! x