Planning for a Wet Wedding

It’s no secret that in the UK, the weather can be a bit “disrespectful” of your outdoor wedding plans. So you better prepare.

1. Have a Back-up Plan in Case It Rains

The most Important thing is to know what your venue’s bad weather plan is. This can be anything from a set of brollies to canvas gazebos or an indoor part of the venue.

It is worth finding out what it is well in advance, because if you don’t like your venue’s bad weather plan, you will need to make a new one. There is always the option to buy or rent brollies or gazebos if your venue allows for this. Make sure you have arranged for someone to put them up, too, should they be needed, because you won’t have time for it!

You might not want to stand at the front with a brolly, but take it from me: don’t be tempted to a rain cape.
I have tried that, in (not even strong-ish) wind… the cape turned into wings. Massive wings! I nearly took off, while my husband couldn’t stop laughing. You won’t be remembered as the bride in the elegant cape for 20 odd years, you will be known as the wedding bat for generations to come.


2. Waterproof Wedding Footwear

When it rains, you will not only get wet from the top, you will need adequate footwear. I know you got your cute little shoes ready and can’t wait to dance away in them. The truth is, under most dresses, shoes are invisible. If they are lucky, they get to poke their toes out. Have a pair of wellies just in case. Wellington boots are no longer scary, green, clumsy monsters! They come in all sorts of colours and patterns. Find a pair that goes with your wedding colours and keep them as backup.

The last thing you want to do is ruin your cute shoes, get wet feet and end up with a urinal infection during your honeymoon because of it.

My waterproof boots, no one could see it under the dress (luckily! Because I had forgotten to get a nice looking pair)

3. Speakers

It’s easy to forget about what happens after the ceremony, other than having enough covered space for everyone. Have you thought about speakers? I don’t mean your dad! I am talking about a tannoy system. If you have any part of your reception in a marquee or tent, have a loudspeaker system. Otherwise, when rain or wind hit that canvas, you will be talking to yourself. No one else will be able to hear you.
Your venue might provide them, but it’s worth checking well in advance in case you have to hire them from a third party provider.
At my own wedding, we paid for the DJ to come a little earlier and put their speakers up. Minor expense, but really worth it.

4. Don’t Worry About Me!

Yes, there is a point 4, but it is not a to-do for you, it’s a to-don’t, and hence doesn’t count for the header.

Rumour has it that I like rain, but …not true. I am just cool with it.
I always have raincoats in the car, one for myself and one for my camera. I also carry waterproof boots and a cloth to wipe raindrops of my lens.
I have met the weather, and I am coming prepared!

OK, I admit it, I like the rain when it makes awesome photos like this!

I love talking about weddings, the great outdoors and the weather, so follow me on Instagram to see more photos of outdoor weddings and anything else I might get up to out of doors.



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Photography by Nadina Bee

Specialist Outdoor Wedding Photographer
from Guildford, covering Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, Berkshire and the rest of the UK.

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