What to Do When It Is Forecast to Rain on Your Wedding Day

The risk of rain is part and parcel of planning an outdoor wedding in the UK. But that is no reason not to do it! Here is a real-life example of the UK weather roulette, version: April wedding at the stunning Painswick Hotel in Gloucestershire.

It was a thrilling weekend, and the only time I felt it necessary to go and take outdoor photos of the venue before the wedding day. The weather forecast was rain, rain all day long.

While you have to agree that this is a beautiful space, when you want an outdoor wedding, then no indoor space will do.


When to Decide to Move Your Wedding Ceremony Indoors

My couple had their hearts set for an outdoor ceremony, but the hotel rolled out preparations for plan B: wedding ceremony in the restaurant. My lovely couple were on tenterhooks all morning. And it just kept raining.

The Hotel Manager (and probably the groom, too) kept checking the rain radar app.

To everyone’s surprise, 30 minutes before the ceremony, the whole antheap (or so it seemed) jumped into action: drying off chairs, carrying out a table for the registrar and so on.

The wedding ended up a lot drier than anyone had expected: no drinking during the ceremony!

It had hardly stopped raining, and my surprised face was answered by the Hotel Manager smiling: “Can you believe it! If I was a betting man, I would have lost today.”

The weather held up and my lovely couple got their dream wedding with views of the Cotswolds being the backdrop of their ceremony. The weather even held up long enough for an outdoor drinks reception at the beautiful Painswick Hotel.

Can We Have Our Wedding Ceremony Outside Even If It Rains?

The morale of the story: Never give up hope! The sun is just behind the clouds. And whatever you do, do not put a bet on the weather!

If you are planning an outdoor wedding and are worried about the weather, head over to my blog about things to plan early to prepare for a rainy wedding day.



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Photography by Nadina Bee

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