(Obviously, things are changing all the time, but below information is correct at time of posting: 26th March 2020.)

I received a meme yesterday morning saying:
“Jan 1st: 2020, you gonna be MY year!
Mar 25th: I am wiping my bum with coffee filters.”

Luckily that’s not me. And I hope it is not you either! But trying to plan a wedding, when you don’t know when the country is going to be “open” again, might feel just as surreal.

You are probably wondering how to proceed or whether to proceed at all. Well, if you have already booked the venue and some or all of your suppliers, you might find it useful to read my other corona blog first:
In it I talk about what to consider when speaking to your suppliers. And if you haven’t booked all your suppliers yet, you might find it useful to come back here afterwards and read what to do about those.


Wanting to Get Married This Year Despite Corona

We all know autumn and winter weddings are cheaper than summer weddings, but if you were looking to bag a last minute bargain, you will be out of luck this year.

Many spring and summer weddings have been postponed. Each and every one of those couples is trying to secure an alternative date, which means this year, autumn will be the new summer.

We don’t know yet how long this quarantine or social distancing situation will need to last, nor whether there will be a second corona wave – please no! But if we are really unlucky, some autumn weddings might need to be postponed, too.

But this doesn’t mean you have to stop your wedding plans completely. If you are half-way through planning, you might as well finalise it.

There is a few things however, you should definitely do if booking a wedding now.


The Force Majeure Clause: Wedding Insurance and Corona

Not all insurance policies will cover you for additional cost due to a covid-19 postponement or cancellation of your wedding. Make sure your policy covers it. If you are not sure, call them and ask.

If you haven’t got wedding insurance yet, I recommend you look at getting one as soon as you have a minute.

If you have insurance, but it doesn’t cover corona postponements, look into getting additional cover.


Your Wedding Is Half-Booked: Still Need to Book Some Suppliers

Speak to us about what our policy is with regards to postponement before you commit, especially due to the corona virus. This might feel odd since it is not something you would have asked last year, but right now, it is a sensible question.

Make sure any agreement is put into writing if it does not already form part of the written contract. This is for your own as well as your suppliers’ protection.


How to Make Decisions Now About Your Wedding In the Planning Stages

Well, you were going to book your venue and look at suppliers around about now, but with the uncertainty of the corona virus pandemic, you rather hold off booking until all this has blown over?

I totally understand! Planning a wedding is stressful, you don’t want to add stress by having to postpone it. But, you do not have to put your wedding planning on hold completely. Actually, you can get ahead with your planning and saving yourself work later on.

Traditionally, weddings are planned about a year in advance. If you don’t want to burn yourself out planning your wedding, it’s good sense to give yourself that much time. But if you fear the postponement spill-over to 2021 will make it impossible to get you the suppliers you want, you will either need to bite the bullet and make the bookings, or….I will let you into a little secret: some of us are happy to take bookings for 2022 now. Just ask!

Congratulations! You have just given yourself permission to take time to plan. Now you have time to look at all the lovely stuff: make mood boards to help you decide on style and colour scheme, look at brochures and find your dress, your favours, the decorations and flowers. You can even start looking at venues and speaking to suppliers.

Visualise your day. You might find running through it in your head will show you things you want that you haven’t thought of yet. Our surprise item was a photo booth. Cliché, yes, but way too much fun to pass it over when you have my friends and family around.

Prepare a shortlist of your favourite suppliers. You need to have at least two choices for each type, since your first choice might not be available on your date.
Organise your shortlist by supplier type so you can easily find them later. Make sure to note down website addresses so you will find them again. Google is a bitch! It pretends to never have heard of a supplier if you only type one letter into the search field incorrectly.

Once you feel confident about your chosen date, you have everything prepared and just need to make the bookings and place orders.


What I Am Doing to Help You Book Your Wedding Despite Covid-19

I am happy to honour all bookings if you need to change your wedding date due to covid-19. Should I be unavailable on your new date, I will endeavour to find a colleague, who I trust, to photograph your wedding on my behalf. I will still be the person editing your photos. This way, you won’t have to spend any additional time finding a new photographer and still get your photos in the style you chose me for.
I will of course tell you, when you change the date, whether it will be me or a colleague shooting your day.
I will also honour prices quoted for any 2020 weddings as long as your new wedding date is no later than December 2021.

Whichever way you decide to proceed with your wedding planning, stay healthy! I look forward to seeing you (through my lens) when we have left the heydays of the corona virus behind us.



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Photography by Nadina Bee

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